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We offer solutions and full life-cycle support for drilling, oilfield, and other equipment.

At Striker Hydralink LLC, our leadership team has worked primarily with land-based drilling rigs and all components therein. They have both led and been part of design teams for various oilfield equipment, skidding systems, walking systems, draw works, and high- and low-pressure mud systems and have done considerable work with fast-moving drilling structures. In addition to the wide spectrum of drilling rig experience, they have also worked outside the oil and gas industries with industrial tank cleaning products, commercial structural design, metering skids, pressure vessels, subsea equipment, inspection and instrumentation equipment, and more.

Our services include designing and upgrading rigs to meet the demanding needs of operators today and into the future. We facilitate safe and cost-effective upgrades that give our clients an edge in the very competitive market of contract drilling operations. We go far beyond the services of most engineering companies. We partner with our clients and network partners to provide easily integrated solutions, so you can focus on drilling that next batch of wells.

One of our main differentiators is that we help other companies that already have or may not have a design/engineering department save money and time by offering our services and support. This way, the companies we serve do not need to spend money hiring additional staff.

Our team can also handle projects beyond the design stages to take the weight off you by handling fabrication, sourcing purchased items, and ensuring delivery of the product to exceed expectations. A common issue companies experience when purchasing a stand-alone design is the communication back and forth between the design team and the fabricators. Let us handle your design needs with turn-key solutions to ensure a successful project outcome.