We offer a wide portfolio of drilling structure designs.

DraftingWhether your rig must operate in extreme environmental conditions, or you are upgrading your current equipment, we offer a wide range of standard drilling structure designs. We can also draft a custom solution for your rig thanks to our impressive drafting capabilities. At Striker Hydralink LLC, we have the experience and background required to draft designs for even the most demanding custom rig applications.

We can design and manufacture a variety of rigs for semi-submersibles, jack-ups, and drill ships. Whether you need a standard design or something completely custom, every design is drafted and analyzed by our highly qualified team of engineers. This will optimize the design for its intended rig application while taking into account any third-party requirements and specific equipment, environmental, and capacity constraints.

Our mission is to unlock your rig’s full potential! We have a proven track record and can deliver all products and services to take your rig (or rig fleet) from its current state up to a modern super spec rig to win contracts today and into the future. We provide drafting solutions for the following rig structures: HP 1000, HP 1500, and HP 2000.

With the ability to draft the designs for new rig structures, we are your single source for high-quality rig upgrades and projects. For more information about how our simple, effective designs and turn-key solutions will meet your expectations, budget, and delivery needs, contact us today.