Prototyping that lays a solid foundation from concept to manufacturing.

PrototypingWhen a large rig contains complex electronics, mechanisms, and parts, it is useful to create several prototypes to test the functionality of the equipment without investing the entire cost of the other parts. Once isolated, prototyping these mechanisms makes things easier to evaluate, assess, and reconfigure. Then, the results of the prototyping process can be integrated into the full design. Often, prototyping is the best way to ensure the feasibility of a core idea when creating a new drill structure or upgrading existing rig equipment.

Our team of designers and engineers at Striker Hydralink LLC will configure your prototype and then test specific aspects, reducing potential risk and ensuring the success of future development. We have extensive experience producing test rigs, which enables us to overcome obstacles that often arise from testing subsequent ideas and configurations.

Our well-rounded design and engineering firm boasts a staff of designers and engineers who have years of experience working in the oil and gas, industrial, and commercial industries. Many of our team members focus on specific engineering disciplines, such as piping, mechanical, structural, and civil.

We nurture client relationships by establishing trust and exceeding expectations for quality and efficiency. If you have a rig you need to manufacture or upgrade, we are your go-to choice for a complete solution. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with us.