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Ask us about our annular BOP collar options.

Annular BOP CollarWith an annular BOP collar designed, manufactured, and applied by us at Striker Hydralink LLC, your BOP can rotate freely while being supported by the substructure’s trolley hoists. With this simple addition, misalignment during BOP installation can easily be corrected and can also be utilized to finesse the BOP through a narrow substructure opening on single-load substructures with a smaller footprint.

Some of the features of our annular BOP collar include the following:

  1. Exceptional performance for a longer service life for equipment
  2. Available in all standard bore pressure ratings
  3. Thanks to simple, effective design, the annular BOP collar reduces general wear and tear
  4. Our annual BOP collar features a lightweight, effective design
  5. The collar comes with replaceable bearings that can prevent metal contact for moving parts
  6. Special rubber materials are available for non-standard environments

If you are interested in our annular BOP collar and want to learn more about how it can support your operations, we want to talk to you in further detail. Reach out to us today to set up a consultation with our design and engineering team. We truly enjoy building collaborative relationships with the clients who utilize our products within their operations, and we would love to discuss your needs in detail and answer any questions you have about our annular BOP collar or any of our other products.