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Improve the BOP installation process.

BOP Shuttle SkidSome substructures might make BOP installation a long, arduous process. But we offer a substructure BOP parking stump that moves linearly toward the well along the path of the trolley hoists. An integrated hydraulic rotator allows the BOP to rotate in place to slip through substructure supports where needed. It also serves as a place to park the BOP during walking operations while still maintaining wellhead clearance.

Ultimately, our BOP shuttle skid is designed to completely handle the BOP stack, so you do not have to. At Striker Hydralink LLC, we set out to develop a BOP shuttle skid that would simplify the cumbersome task of handling the BOP stack, and we have done exactly that.

Our shuttle skid comes equipped with lock pins for safe operation, built-in loading hitches for simple trucking and transport, and drive pins that allow the BOP to be quickly unpinned from the support frame.

We are always putting new ideas to work and creating solutions for the oil and gas industries that work, our innovative BOP shuttle skid included. Our engineers and design team have years of collective experience and know how to effectively design assemblies, systems, and structural and mechanical components.

Our focus is always on safety, quality, innovation, and efficiency. If you want to learn more about our BOP shuttle skid’s specifications, we want to talk to you. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team.