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Improve safety and efficiency with our BOP transport skid.

BOP Transport SkidWe offer custom BOP transport systems and handling solutions to augment your walking system or current walking system setup. We also offer additional solutions for handling and transporting your BOP stack, however small or large.

The BOP transport skid we have developed at Striker Hydralink LLC is used to transport the BOP stack between parked positions and the well center. Our units work in conjunction with the BOP skid, BOP crane, and other guidance units for a complete handling system. Our transport skid options can also be adapted to meet a wide range of client requirements.

Some of the main benefits of using our BOP transport skid are that you can facilitate faster BOP rig up and down time, extend the life of your equipment, improve your BOP stack positioning, and increase site safety by eliminating the need for your team members to work directly underneath the blowout preventer stack. Our system also enables the stack function and pressure testing to occur on site while providing a reliable way to lift wellhead components and the BOP stack.

Providing exceptional solutions that solve common problems for rigs of all types and sizes is always our focus. We want to tell you more about the many benefits of our BOP transport skid and its array of advantageous features. Contact us today for more information and to consult with a member of our engineering team.