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Improve your operations with a robotic tank sweep system.

In the past few decades, many changes in the oil and gas industry have occurred. And many of these changes impact how equipment is inspected and maintained. In many cases, these processes used to require significant labor and now only require advanced equipment.

For example, cleaning oil tanks used to be a labor intensive, unsafe process. Now, with the help of robotic tank sweep systems, operations can complete nonentry cleaning that offers a safer and more effective way to clean when compared with traditional methods. We design and build advanced, effective tank sweep systems at Striker Hydralink LLC, and we are here to help you maintain your storage tanks with complete ease.

Over time, storing oil in fuel tanks can lead to sludge buildup. This buildup needs to be removed periodically because it can corrode the tank’s interior. This can negatively impact operations by clogging pipes, safety valves, and filter nozzles. Corrosion can also negatively affect operations by leading to leaks, fires, and even environmental pollution. Tank sweep systems keep these oil tanks clean by effectively removing this oil buildup and improving the overall lifespan of tanks.

Reduce downtime, lower costs, and maintain the cleanliness of your tanks with ease by investing in one of our tank sweep systems. To learn more about these systems or to set up a consultation, get in touch with us today.